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nato removed. the airborne intervention in libya but the rules of engagement remain unclear. rebels claim they have recaptured another key city while the tripoli government says fresh air strikes have killed more civilians. in the capital city join me in a few moments formal. libyan officials claim go allision bombs have already killed nearly one hundred civilians some members of the alliance face criticism but they're gunning for revenge not just. fresh dry good japan the country struggles to bury its of tsunami victims and prevent radioactive
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. particles. and i will welcome to you this is our headline from moscow all conflicting reports about just how far west rebels have advance towards the libyan capital tripoli the opposition claims it controls gadhafi his home town but reporters say this is he is still in government hands we woll libyan state t.v. claims more civilians were killed in the nineteen coalition strikes in the south of the country let's cross live now to all of these policy if the latest on what's happening there paula what do you hearing about the situation with regard to casualty. well the libyan state television as indeed the tripoli government are reporting that the number of civilians who have been killed in these push is strikes now read. one hundred the latest we're hearing from him who is the
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government spokesperson here is that three young men were killed in a fishing harbor not far from the city of sirte that last night sunday came under a strikes he says that these are clearly civilian casualties we're also hearing from him that some twenty nine people were injured in the town of bin jawad these are members of a peace coalition we actually saw from tripoli. benghazi and again the government insisting that these kind of attacks these kinds of injuries on civilians and poor coalition air strikes have made it possible for rebels to recapture their strongholds and they will not change on the nature when it takes full command. what we understand is that. transitional phase until tomorrow when there will be a summit that is held in london now we've heard from the nato secretary general that at that summit they will take full control of the military operations here in
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libya but they are stressing and this is the nato leadership that they will continue to stick to the book in terms of enforcing that u.n. resolution one nine seven three nothing more nothing less the unity of command we're being told that nato will make the operations here on the ground more efficient we also expect at that meeting tomorrow. and that. germany will put forward a proposal for an immediate cease fire. and for an exit strategy think it's worth mentioning that no one here has actually heard from gadhafi in the last few days now the u.s. has said that the nato strategy moving forward which will mean that they will take control leaves america in the position of providing some kind of backup and we understand that that backup will be in the form of recognizance and also jamming communication the u.s. also saying that they are not looking at aiding the rebels as they advance way but this of course has been. here in tripoli because the criticism by the government
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here is that the international community very much now is bringing the country to the brink of civil war it's actually hoping the rebel fighters advance further than they ever would because the latest word we have is that those rebel fighters are on the outskirts of sirte which is just some six hundred kilometers from the capital city will talk a little bit more about the fear of what you just mentioned there who's in control in that particular area as we're getting conflicting reports as to who is really in commom back. what we've been receiving those conflicting reports as well in the early hours of this morning monday we were hearing from that that actually taken over the city of sirte as you can well imagine people here in tripoli were absolutely shocked and even surprised by this because sirte is the hometown of the libyan leader moammar gadhafi it's where the majority of the people belong to his tribe it's way he has his most support reports coming through the rebel fighters had made little to no resistance there but now what we're hearing is that they've
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actually been stopped about thirty kilometers away from the city and these kind of reports do seem a little bit more plausible we know that the entrances and the roads into search have all been mined we know that part of the reason why the rebel fighters were able to advance so quickly westwards over eastern libya since friday is because gadhafi soldiers were retreating and we understood that they were retreating to search where they have been seeing themselves and preparing. it is important to mention that while some of the focus is on so there is a lot of intensive fighting happening in the towns of misrata and in the western part of this country where we've heard that gadhafi forces have renewed. hearing that just in the last twenty four hours nine people were killed and twenty six people wounded we're hearing some reports that the soldiers are firing from tanks on residential areas and we're hearing from the rebels that they are with even aid from the united. we haven't been able to independently verify this but it's the
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stage for a fight that could carry on for much longer when nato was questioned in terms of taking over the. operation one of the most telling on was that while they're preparing for a three month no fly zone operation could last weeks possibly months and as you can well imagine people here on the ground afraid it could last as they make clear times the tool of course the rebels goal is to reach to the wall around the capital reacting to the rebel advance and what are conditions like that. people are very frightened in the capital city i was speaking to some of this morning and they use the word bloodbath essentially saying that if the rebel fighters reach tripoli they will be a bloodbath here the situation is dire we know that for days now people have been running out of fuel if you drive past any of the gas stations here you'll see cars waiting in line as there have been for days now simply waiting. we've also heard
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reports that the city is now running on food and medical supplies and those reports are being backed up by government claims that in the last few days there hasn't been one that's actually arrived at because nato has this embargoed around that maybe they said that before this crisis there were some five to seven ships coming here every day they're talking about ships with medical supplies with fuel. and with food but of course the coalition saying that these ships were actually being bringing reinforcements to the two soldiers on the ground. in tripoli with the latest for us. all the russian foreign minister says the international coalition is acting like the limits on the u.n. resolution in libya speaking at a news conference in moscow let's get the latest details now from. test what exactly are russia's objections to what's happening in libya. well as we can
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see that after the coalition deployed be aircraft the the strikes on libya there have been countries that have come forward saying that they did not agree to a certain action so done by the coalition now let's look at the u.n. resolution it says there that they are going to protect the civilians from a use of force by the gadhafi regime however as we are seeing with unconfirmed reports now countries are saying that there is a limit to that in the sense that the coalition forces are there to impose a no fly zone and not to take sides and this is very clear in the resolution there's nothing there that says that the coalition forces are to take sides take the side of the anti-government protesters or have an offensive against the gadhafi regime that is clearly not in the resolution and that is what the russian the administration the russian government is against the well let's listen to what the foreign minister sergei lavrov has to say on this matter. we should do. is taking
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part in a civil war in libya by targeting colonel gadhafi troops on the rebels this was not sanctioned by the using the solution which stated that the coalition is going to only enforce a no fly zone and protect the civilian population should the recent concerns about young confirmed reports of civilian deaths caused by the u.s. strikes would like this information to the time of the u.n. has every means to carry this out and we are expecting this to happen as soon as possible just so you know we can see that for the very start be in that it's against the spirit of the resolutely and what the right russia and the foreign minister sergei lavrov is expressing at their from the very start russia has given their statement that their position. that the reason why they had not used their vote to the u.n. resolution because they are for the protection of the seals they are against the use of force against civilians and this is clearly the position that russia is pushing forward but now they're taking sides it's really what it is they get. a
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russian government worried so i guess we see that there is conflict in the actual execution of the un resolution we have the resolution there it's all laid out clearly in the in letters on paper however is the execution that really seems unclear at this point in time to testify about how to use it is speaking to us live from central moscow. well the reasons given by coalition forces to justify their intervention in libya are coming almost as much fun as gadhafi troops some query why libya is being targeted in particular when there are several other vonage uprisings in the arab world he's done to push the reports on what else could be motivating western powers. coalition leaders claim they're just in forcing the no fly zone over libya but have been engaged in widespread and heavy attacks on colonel gadhafi as ground forces and buildings and targets linked to his regime so what's all the real motives for france the u.k. and u.s.
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leading the attack on libya some say it's pure vengeance but there certainly settling accounts and taking revenge turkey says it's disturbed by france's eagerness to invade but expose believe ankara shouldn't be surprised gadhafi is accused of ordering the bombing of u.t.a. flight seven seventy two which killed fifty four french men and women in one thousand nine hundred nine a u.k. court found the gadhafi agents the year before planned the bombing of pan am flight one hundred three over lockerbie which killed forty three british and one hundred eighty nine u.s. citizens he blew up his intelligence agency did a terrorist bomb very similar to the lockerbie bombing the u.k. was called u.t.a. flight seventy two and it blew up of an asia with the loss of everyone on board so i would argue that there's an element of revenge a strong element of us now more recently gadhafi has hurt french commercial interests all over the dock that he find french will for a towel have
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a billion dollars he also bought russian fighter planes instead of french or felt it. but now coalition bombs are reported to be killing libyan civilians because she believes the west is resorting to heavy bombing and civilian casualties are concerned. that could increase regional hatred towards the west after. there will be quite. a resistance from of it count. critics say the western military alliance is simply taking. in what's an internal civil war rebel seek to overthrow an internationally recognized government western forces should be prosecuted not just for civilians but also for killing libyan. people. so.
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as nato chiefs arrive to plan the next stage of the of libya there are growing calls for them to be held accountable for what they describe speak as collateral damage but which in real language means the death of innocent civilians the coalition no admits it's hard the original reason was only to impose a no fly the trouble is the more civilian deaths their causes the more they risk being accused of the same crimes as gadhafi himself. see brussels while our existence of online coverage will help you keep up to date with developments in libya twenty four hours a day check out regular updates correspondents on the spot on our twitter stream at our facebook page also find all the latest videos on our you.
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it's. the. middle east. and the flashpoint. troops have been deployed. over the weekend. in the deep sea a very sound sweep in front thousands of grizzly supporters were out on the streets they were shooting fireworks in the air every other car has all the presidents he wanted and they were passing by the office of the al-jazeera needs channel where
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hundreds of people gather into the threatening to burn it down as they were unhappy with the coverage of the events unfolding here going to china local news are reporting that in the south of the concert over the situation is much more dangerous where we are hearing reports that so many people have died in the crash of one of the things that people are demanding here in syria is over the country's emergency law to be lifted now the emergency law imposes restrictions and probably gatherings our voices they arrest people for suspicious we made threat and potentially could change security as well as they should control the speakers and other media before publication however syrian government has said in an interview that will is to be repeated but didn't exactly mention when it's going to happen now it all began with a group of school kids and side government agents complete position in the south of the country they were arrested people came out in the streets demanding that those
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school kids have to be released. subsequently at least inspired by the general population in your other countries in the neighborhood such as the reason here syrian government has already deployed some troops to cells all over the country to stop the protesters. one another strong growth quake off the coast of japan has rocked the already devastated country although with the nami warning that was issued following the new quite has since been counseled the nine that magnitude earthquake in doing synonymy which struck the country during the hopper weeks ago ravaging a whole region is now estimated to have killed well over ten thousand what is also bad. nuclear plant. levels of radioactive. have risen to almost two fouls in time.
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still struggling with the loss of loved ones. officials are being forced to come up with a new way to cope with the overwhelming number of. a mass grave the japanese always. put where the crematorium is at full capacity. have been turned into a merge and see graveyards. people be buried in contravention to japanese tradition but when there is an opportunity they'll have to be exuma. cremated instead of a priest a town official conducts an impromptu ceremony is only just devised. this is horrible we're just trying to bring these people closure as best as we care. is a traditional fishing town after being struck by the earthquake and the tsunami it was then ravaged by fires that last a day. at least five hundred dead in the biting when family members get just
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a few minutes before construction workers bury the coffins. crematoriums to be able to process these bodies. many of the relatives have themselves lost houses as well as their loved ones. on the. other things for two weeks we search for my cousin and now at least we know what happened to her meanwhile soldiers break through the remains of the untouched since the disaster they say there may still be hundreds of bodies below the rubble. out of. japan. well the disaster in japan has left many companies they're facing difficulties with stark consequences for global production chains call make his are among the worst affected as the supply of components dries up for you there chevelle of though he does more now we're going to be live from the business does
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how is the global call market affected by what's happening in japan gaz the disaster in japan could reduce global competition by about thirty percent that's according to the latest research from consulting and automakers in other countries can suffer from a lack of spare costs produced in japan and some european comic is have already cut their production. abets you do we have it there is some good news is the plan this reconstruction has indeed. it is expecting to enjoy the rise actually as it's been supported by the. reconstruction of japan and that will definitely have a positive in russian producer the russian markets and metal stalks were among the leading among the leaders of the russian markets last week and with some positive prospects ahead ok thanks judy i know be hearing more from you in the rest the
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business team a little bit later in the program. where are you on the latest from japan around the clock on that and online just head of its own dot com for the full chronicle of events in the crisis stricken country limits the knowledge by the consumer. the world is giving a japanese products the cold shoulder but will anyway the nation actually we can. log on to find out what nuclear experts have to say about the danger levels to propel them and the environment. on the japanese economy is on its knees as we've been hearing following the disaster will take years to recover but the human cost of the tragedy is beyond estimates we have the stories of those who lost everything except the bull that you don't.
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ok some of the world news in brief this at least ten people are reported to have been killed in an explosion at an ammunition factory insult in yemen fifty five those have been injured the balls to a place near the town of the john could be heard up to ten miles away well. have been seized by al-qaeda militants clashes with government forces. here salim prime minister is appearing add a closed court hearing a book corruption charges silly about a scaly is facing a trial linked to one of these media companies he's accused of inflating the price paid to buy television rights and then using the difference to fund political activities the pm is facing a total of four trials including one for allegedly paying for sex with an underage prostitute and abusing his power he denies the charges.
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germany's and green policy have school back on his story victory of the chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and a key regional election exit polls suggest the greens duffle. bag with the christian democrats likely to be as powell after almost six decades it's being seen as an anti nuclear power based off the recent events in japan meanwhile in france the opposition socialist party took a decisive local election win putting pressure on president nicolas sarkozy a year before he faces an election. more than a dozen homes were evacuated when a freight train carrying potentially hazardous materials. in canada up to twenty five a cars were reported and for with all the tracks causing a fire which is since been brought under control also damage with the gas pipeline
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next to the rails no injuries were reported in the area which is mainly from lives . or for more news on alison's than all the stories that we're covering here on arts you can of course always check out our page. dull column don't go away now they've got all the latest business news on the way with media. thanks alice hello and welcome to our business update it's great to have you with is the disaster in japan could reduce global corporate ocean by seventy percent that's according to the latest research from consulting mentor phonies comic as a whole to work at the local factories which produces another country's suffering from a lack of components being distributed. consulting says while companies currently
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have some reserves they could be used by the mid april automakers find no alternative global production for three hundred thousand cars a day to around two hundred thousand in all general motors and also tread have already partly cut production in a number of european. called buy and other media have enjoyed a strong drive over the last few weeks running in line with broader industrial commodities markets are being supported by the prospect of robots demand links to the future reconstruction of japan and gail berry at barclays capital investment bank says demand is likely to push growth. the reconstruction work that will be needed in japan is certainly going to be a boost for industrial commodities and for that these metals i think to begin with what we'll see is a base over of a dip in demand because of the destructions to. see within japan itself. after that i think is caroline's or rebuilt and.
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rebuilt and increase probably starting sometime in the second half of this year and going into into two thousand and twelve and increase in demand for things like call for. and lead demand that actually will probably benefit. because you need to lead for a batteries that things like backup diesel generators and so on. and let's have a look at the markets now the asian markets have closed in the negative the nikkei monday's concerns about the crippled nuclear plant in japan remain the focus for investors tokyo electric power company you know those who died almost seventeen percent had became clear over the weekend that the country faces a protracted struggle to bring the company's quake stricken nuclear plant under control and while hong kong's hang san. early morning gains and finished with around zero point seven percent down. in year of the markets
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a mixed fluctuating after the biggest rise in almost six months last week investors remain cautious and we need concern about japan's nuclear crisis and ongoing unrest in the middle east the food scene and the doctors trading in the red zero point three percent down. and here in russia markets are trading in the red following losses in the asian markets but the aussie has losing more than half a percent and the my six nearly zero point two percent down. and that's how they look at the individual share moves and into majors are losing the sound of our gas prom was up around zero point. two percent on the my six banking stocks are also among the losers. down around zero point six and one percent respectively. russia's state controlled oil pipeline monopoly transnet is to invest five point zero billion dollars in the construction of a new facility next year through how the company build over six thousand kilometers
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of new pipelines on hold the money will be spent on developing the east side or a pathetic ocean pipeline which exports russian crude oil to the asia pacific markets. russian oil group ten-k. b.p. may be embroiled in a dispute between its major shareholders but it's still trying to improve its operations that it gets and gets on with the everyday business of extraction the company's vice president explains to business r.c. some of its plants for increasing efficiency. we are going to spend a boat was going to endorse. following investments into energy efficiency program. total results in three years real be a bald refinery for interview. and a statement or it's not a question about to doing more capacities or these money will spend two or more energy efficiency to realize some of the ration projects and draw the song and then sue for improvements in our technical process. and that's all the
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business news for now and join us next hour for more and of course you can always find all the latest updates at. business.
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it's the secret incursion into the country. it's the invasion by means of. tradition the language the jell-o. you visit the first day copied the beat. and culture. the thing is that the have the dozens are still unaware of what's going on in the land still asking them my dear cuts like. i don't know anything about the alaska they're great. on our cheap. world. bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realm for sure. we've got the future covered.


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